Welcome to Our Online Learning Community!

The online learning community will allow you to access our services remotely so you won’t miss out on the tools and skills that can help you succeed in your courses at Carleton.

How to Self-Enrol

  1. Click the button below
  2. Log into cuLearn
  3. Click the “Enrol me” button

What to Expect from the Online Learning Community:

Learning Support:

All of our Learning Support Workshops are now available on cuLearn. Students seeking academic support or needing to complete any of the workshops as part of the Incentive Program can self-enrol using the instructions on this page.

One-on-one Learning Support Sessions are offered virtually via Microsoft Teams. To make an appointment, please follow the booking instructions located on the Learning Support Sessions page.

During the 2020-21 academic year, we will also be offering a variety of interactive webinars. Students can register for the webinars on MySuccess (via Carleton Central) by selecting Workshops/Events followed by Centre for Student Academic Support. Please note that webinars are not included in the Incentive Program.

Online Learning Orientation:

Whether you’ve taken an online course before or not, the Online Learning Orientation is for you. Together, the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) and Carleton Online offer this short cuLearn course. The Online Learning Orientation goes through the nuts and bolts of learning online to give you every advantage of starting strong and staying resilient in your online courses.

The six short lessons cover the main features, benefits, and challenges of online learning, and explore various tips, including how to effectively manage time, how to optimize the learning space, how to interact and engage online, and where to seek additional supports. There are testimonials from Carleton students, who share their best practices for learning online. Along the way, you can test their comprehension with self-check questions and wrap up with a feedback survey at the end.

This experience is completely online and will likely take about an hour to complete. You can register for the course on cuLearn using your My Carleton One (MC1) credentials.

Please note that the Online Learning Orientation course is not included in the Incentive Program.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS):

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) will be held virtually via Zoom starting the week of January 18th. Facilitators will be sharing Zoom meeting information with their class.

To find out if your course is supported by PASS, please visit the schedule. We encourage you to download the corresponding PASS Worksheet prior to attending the workshop. For any questions, please email pass@carleton.ca.

Writing Services:

One-on-one Writing Consultation Sessions are offered virtually via Microsoft Teams. To make an appointment with a Writing Consultant, please follow the booking instructions.

Please note that our Academic Integrity workshop is available on cuLearn. Students required by their faculty to complete an in-person session are now being asked to complete the online workshop. The workshop can be accessed using the ‘How to Self-Enrol’ instructions near the top of this page.

CSAS Learning and Writing Certificates:

Designed to enhance learning in an academic environment, the CSAS Learning and Writing Certificates provide students with the necessary academic knowledge and skills to help them succeed in their post-secondary education. All of the certificates are also eligible for the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). To learn more about each certificate and how students can participate, please visit the CSAS Learning and Writing Certificates page.