Welcome to Our Online Learning Community!

The online learning community will allow you to access our services remotely so you won’t miss out on the tools and skills that can help you succeed in your courses at Carleton.

Learning and Writing Support Workshops and Resources

All of our Learning and Writing Support Workshops are available on Brightspace. Students seeking online academic support or needing to complete any of the workshops as part of the Incentive Program , can self-enrol by clicking the button below. Once enrolled, students will also have access to the CSAS Learning and Writing Workshops and Resources.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions page is now available on Brightspace. By clicking on the PASS button below, students can self-enrol to access the weekly worksheets or mock exams for all PASS courses. PASS worksheets are best used in combination with in-person attendance to the weekly PASS sessions ; however, they can also be used as an asynchronous study tool throughout the term! PASS worksheets are uploaded weekly and are created by knowledgeable PASS Facilitators.