Students in Carleton’s graduate Ethics and Public Affairs (EPAF) programs combine ethical analysis with social science to gain a comprehensive understanding of the options for solving particular public issues. Possible research topics are as varied as the expertise of Carleton faculty, ranging from the environment, gender and other social inequalities, multiculturalism, health, social and economic development, global inequality, and more.  The program is not so much ‘applied ethics’ as it is a collaboration between philosophers who research public issues and social science and public policy specialists with interests and expertise in the values underlying those issues.

In addition to the Ph.D. program, two graduate diplomas will be offered for qualified professionals and graduate students in other departments. The starting point for all three programs is a pair of intensive, team-taught seminars, each of which addresses a particular public issue from a perspective of public reason, weighing the value-based and evidence-based concerns and considerations that apply.