The Ethics & Public Affairs PhD is designed to lead towards either professional or academic careers. Applicants to the PhD program must identify specific areas of policy issues on which they wish to do their doctoral research. One of the program requirements is a practicum working in an organization to which their knowledge of ethics and public affairs is relevant. While these may not align exactly with each student’s policy area, relevant career guidance will be offered.

While coursework is available on ethics in organizations (EPAF 5200), the primary focus of EPAF courses and research is on ethical aspects of public policy issues. For this, a strong background in ethical theory, applied ethics, or contemporary theories of justice is presupposed. Prospective applicants without any previous academic courses on these topics will be encouraged to make up these deficits before applying. (We may be able to suggest pathways that previous applicants have used to gain admission into EPAF programs.)

The Diploma programs include the same core courses as the PhD, so they too focus on ethical dimensions of policy issues. An EPAF Diploma can lead in several different directions: (a) it can supplement another graduate degree at Carleton; (b) it can enhance the ability of professionals to analyze and weigh the ethical risks involved in different policy options; (c) it can lead to the EPAF PhD program, with advanced credit.

For more information, contact the Program Director.