Research Topic
A feminist ethical approach Canada’s inclusive trade agenda

Christine Koggel

Research Interests

* Feminist Ethics
* Inclusive Trade & Foreign Policy
* International Affairs


Leandra is a PhD student in the ethics and public affairs program. She received her Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) with a specialization in Sociology from the University of Ottawa and a Masters of Arts in Public Ethics from Saint Paul University. Her current research examines Canada’s progressive trade agenda and the implications of gender and trade. Leandra is a foreign service officer at Global Affairs Canada on the Southern and Eastern Africa Bilateral Relations Division where she liaises, coordinates and collaborates with foreign missions on thematic areas such as Clean-tech, and the Trade/Development Nexus, to help advance Canadian commercial interests specific to Southern and Eastern Africa.


Research Topic:
The application of a dual development ethics and empowerment theory lens to enhance governance and accountability structures in the disaster response sphere, and subsequently mitigate the challenges associated with disempowerment and mal-development.

Supervisors: Dr. Jay Drydyk, Carleton University;

Dr. Benjamin Zyla, University of Ottawa

Research Interests:
* Population health
* Emergency/Disaster management
* Humanitarian ethics
* Development ethics
* Capabilities approach
* Empowerment theory

Joanne is a fourth year PhD student in the Ethics and Public Affairs program. Joanne holds undergraduate degrees in public health and emergency management, and a Master of Public Health (University of Waterloo). Subsequently, she was awarded her Master of Arts in Public Ethics (Saint Paul University) after she defended her thesis entitled “Military Humanitarian Assistance Programs: Can the provision of care ever be wrong?”, which explored the biomedical ethical challenges faced by military healthcare personnel providing care to civilians in conflict and disaster zones. Her career in the public health sector has afforded her the opportunity to work in conflict, post-conflict, and disaster-affected regions around the world. These experiences have led Joanne to her current research which examines the myriad challenges surrounding intervener governance and accountability in the disaster response sphere.


Ozan completed a BSc in Biomedical Science with minor in Applied Ethics from the University of Ottawa, and an MA in Public Ethics from Saint Paul University. During this time, Ozan volunteered at several healthcare organizations and served on the board of the Canadian Bioethics Society. Ozan is trained in qualitative research methods and has experience assisting and leading ethics related research for the Canadian Health Portfolio (regulatory gap analysis of synthetic biology) and business (project on ethical corporate purchasing), respectively. His main academic research interest is on genetic discrimination.


Research Topic
Examining the Impact of Ethical Leadership on Ethics Program of Corporations

Stephen Maguire

Research Interests
* Ethical Leadership
* Corporate Ethics Programs
* Corporate Social Responsibility
* Business Ethics
* Socially Responsible Marketing
* Global Ethics
* Social and Political Philosophy
* Applied Ethics

Bernard is a third year PhD student in the Ethics and Public Affairs program. He received his Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Philosophy from University of Ghana and his Master of Arts in Applied Ethics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology after defending his thesis entitled Voluntary and Mandatory Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility. His current research investigates how ethical leadership impacts the nature and extent of ethics programs in the organization. Bernard works focus primarily on ethical governance.


Research Topic

Gender analysis of conditional cash transfer programs with an emphasis on empowerment and exploitation in public policy

Vida Panitch and Lisa Mills

Research Interests
* Applied Ethics
* Human Rights
* Water and Sanitation
* Social and Political Philosophy

Kerry received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy and Peace Studies from McMaster University and her Master of Arts in Philosophy from McMaster University. Her MA thesis, The Human Right to Water: Duties and Rights Fulfillment Strategies, examined the Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals, and water pricing as strategies used to fulfill the right to safe drinking water. Her current research focuses on equality, empowerment, and conditional cash transfer programs. Kerry is also the recipient of a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2019-2021) and Ontario Graduate Scholarships (2018; 2019).


Research Topic
Climate change and forced displacement

Dr. Jay Drydyk (Philosophy, Carleton University)
Dr. James Milner (Political Science, Carleton University)

Research Interests
* Climate change
* Environmental migration
* Refugee issues
* Global justice
* Social and political philosophy

Sophia holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and a BA in International Relations from the University of Calgary. She completed her MA in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia in 2017. Sophia works on conceptual, ethical, and global governance issues relating to forced displacement by climate change and is generously supported by SSHRC. She is currently completing her practicum placement at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ottawa.


Research Topic
The ethical responsibilities of the state to respond to Indigenous claims for justice.

Christine Koggel & Kahente Horn-Miller

Research Interests

Indigenous theory
Relational theory
Systems ecology

Seetal Sunga is a Ph.D. student in the Ethics and Public Affairs Program at Carleton University. She received her Masters in Law from Dalhousie University, her bachelor degree in law from Osgoode Hall Law School (York University) and her B.A. at the University of Ottawa. She is a lawyer with over 20 years’ experience working on class action settlements, a truth commission and public inquiries that were designed to address harms resulting from historical wrongs and systemic oppression.