Ph.D. Ethics and Public Affairs

1.    3.0 credits in:

EPAF 5500 Practicum (0.5 cr)
EPAF 6000 Ethical Concerns in Public Affairs (0.5 cr)
EPAF 6100 Public Reason I (1.0 cr)
EPAF 6200 Public Reason II (1.0 cr)

2.    Proficiency in a social science research methodology, as evidenced by successful completion of an approved graduate-level methods course (0.5 cr) either at Carleton or at another university. (May be satisfied on or after admission.)

3.    1.0 credit in:

EPAF 6600 Theory Examination (0.5 cr)
EPAF 6700 Area Examination (0.5 cr)

4.    1.0 credits in approved electives at the graduate level (which may include a methods course).

5.    Public defence of a written dissertation proposal, preceded by its formal acceptance by the supervisory committee.

6.    Submission and successful defence of a thesis proposal.

7.    5.0 credits in:

EPAF 6909 Ph.D. Thesis [5.0 cr]

8.    Public defence of the dissertation.

9.    Presentation of research findings to a professional audience.

Graduate Diploma in Ethics and Public Affairs

1.    2.5 credits in:

EPAF 5000 Topics in Ethics and Public Affairs [0.5 cr]
EPAF 6100 Public Reason I (1.0 cr)
EPAF 6200 Public Reason II (1.0 cr)

2.    0.5 credit in electives, such as:

EPAF 5100 Supervised Research Tutorial
EPAF 5200 Ethics in Organizations
EPAF 5300 Values-based Deliberation
EPAF 5500 Practicum
Or another course approved by the Program Director