Hi, I am Tansley Mackan, the Acting Collections Administrator in General Accounts Receivable. The first tip in this series outlined what General Account Receivable (GAR) does (invoicing!) and how it works. I hope that you find this follow up tip helpful.

An Improved Form!

We’ve heard your feedback and have improved the General Accounts Receivable Invoice Requisition Form! You now have a fillable PDF form.

Completed forms should be emailed to GENERAL.AR@CARLETON.CA.


A few highlights from the new form

  1. Enter the name of the department that has provided the good or service.
  2. Fund / Org / Account are mandatory fields that must be filled in. Note that the Account must be a revenue account. Revenue accounts always begin with a 5.
  3. Activity codes are optional.
  4. Describe the good or service. This is important because it helps us in GAR determine if the taxes you’ve identified are correct. As an example, your description could be ‘three parking passes for lot 6’ or ‘five thousand letterhead envelopes’.
  5. Taxes differ depending on the good/service and geographical location. If you are unsure about whether HST/GST applies, review the tax status chart or contact us through extension 8610 or GENERAL.AR@CARLETON.CA.
  6. To help ensure that your invoice requisition is processed in a timely manner, please email it to GENERAL.AR@CARLETON.CA instead of a personal work email address. This ensures that if one of us is away, your request will still be processed.

One very important thing to remember …

By using this form, you are requesting to receive payment for your services directly from GAR. If the external party sends you a cheque for services rendered, the cheque MUST to be forwarded to 301 Robertson, Cash Office. This is because you have already received payment from GAR.

Where to find out more

If you’d like to find out more, call extension 8610 or email GENERAL.AR@CARLETON.CA.

This is the last tip for the summer!

The ‘Tips from a Financial Service’s Insider’ will return in the fall.