This 2-minute video walks you through how to submit a standard catering order through eShop.

‘How do I place a Catering Order in eShop?’ video

Videos are not your thing?  Here are the 5 overarching steps that must be completed to finalize an order:

  1. Sign into eshop
  2. Click on the Dining Services sticker on the eShop homepage. The sticker will direct you to Catertrax.
  3. Create your order in Catertrax.
  4. After you’ve created your order, click on the ‘process your order’ button. This will return you to eShop.
  5. Once you are back in eShop, complete the order by assigning funding to pay for it in eShop.

Next week’s tip will outline some of the common mistakes that people run into.

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