How do I know if a vendor offers free shipping?

A number of eShop vendors offer free shipping. When you search for a good or service, search results with free shipping on standard orders will have a little red truck symbol. FreeShippingTruck


Shipping on Catalogue Items

When you are in the process of checking out, shipping costs for catalogue items will be added automatically when you checkout. The amount of shipping will depend on the vendor.  Non-standards may have additional charges at the time of invoicing.

Shipping on Purchase Requisitions or Non-Catalogue Items

When filling out a purchase requisition form, you may have noticed that there is no place to enter the shipping costs.

  • If there is a quote: Procurement Services will enter the final shipping costs based on the quote provided.
  • If there is not a quote: shipping will be added by Accounts Payable when the invoice arrives. If you are concerned about what shipping will be, contact the vendor.