Any increase to a Dining Services purchase order will be automatically paid.  Here’s what the process looks like:

  • A requestor submits an order to catering through eShop which generates a purchase order.
  • The purchase order goes to Dining Services.
  • The requestor calls Dinning Services directly to increase the number of people at the event.  This increases the cost, which is not reflected on the original purchase order.
  • Dining Services fills the request, including the increase.
  • Dining Services submits an invoice for the total order (purchase order plus increase) to eShop.  The amount of the original purchase order does not change.
  • The invoice is paid through eShop.  A copy of the invoice is not sent to the requestor.  However, the requestor can find the invoice by going into Catertrax or they can search in eShop to see their original purchase order and the invoice that Accounts Payable has processed.
  • If the requestor would like to know what was charged to their funding sources, they must check what was posted in FAST, or view the invoice in the related documents attached to your original requisition in eShop.