The FAST Budgeting and Forecasting system allows you to request budget adjustments and view your budget adjustment history.

On this page you will find the tools, support and training available for the FAST Budget and Forecasting (BAR) Application.  New material will be added as existing resources are updated.


Contact the Finance Office for access by emailing

One-on-One Virtual Training

Click here to book one-on-one virtual training for the ‘Budget and Forecasting’ application.  Each 1-hour session includes an overview of FAST Finance Reporting and allows for general questions about your operating budget.  Book a session if you are new to managing your OPERATING departmental budget or simply need a refresher and questions answered.  Note that sessions are not intended to cover anything related to research.


Budget and Forecasting (BAR) User Guide V1

Journal Voucher and Budget Adjustment and Forecasting 201

Video Tutorials

It may look like a great many videos, but based on your feedback we’ve purposely kept them short so you can pick and choose by topic.

Please let us know at if something is not quite right with a video.

Topic Role Video (length) How-to Sheets
01. Signing into FAST Anyone 2:00
02. Setting a Default Landing Page Anyone 2:10
03. Step 1: Creating the Header Anyone 7:15
04. Step 2: Adding Line Items Anyone 7:45
 05. Using the Toolbars, Attaching Documents, and Other Options Anyone 3:23
 06. Step 3: Completing and Submitting a Budget Adjustment that You Have Created  Anyone 4:13
 07. Step 3: Completing and Submitting a Budget Adjustment that Someone Else Has Created Anyone 2:54
 08. Checking the Status of a Budget Adjustment Anyone 6:07

In-class System Training and Seminars

Visit to see what is currently being offered.