What is it?

Under the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSA), Consulting Services means the provision of expertise or strategic advice that is presented for consideration and decision-making. This is different from the definition for professional services, which means the engagement of a person or entity retained under a fee-for-service arrangement to perform specific tasks under a client’s direction for a limited period.  Examples of Consulting Services include management consultants and policy consultants.

Why is it important?

Carleton is legally obligated to remain compliant with the BPSA. Depending on whether a service is defined as consulting or professional, the BPSA outlines different sets of rules.

Consulting Services always requires 2 quotes, at a minimum for anything under $121,200. All non-competitive purchases for the supply of Consulting Services require the approval of the President or his/her delegated authority.  For non-competitive Consulting Services Contracts valued greater than $1,000,000, the approval of the Board of Governors is also required.

Where do I find more information?

For more information, visit Procurement Services’ How to Buy site, or email ProcurementServices@carleton.ca.