What is it?

Vendors of Record may be the result of an Open Competitive Procurement process facilitated by Carleton, or an Agreement open to Broader Public Sector (BPS) organizations which Carleton has entered into. In either case, a Contract is in place.

The process for making your purchase from a Vendor of Record may vary based on the terms of the specific Contract, the rules of the qualified supplier list (if applicable) and/or the estimated value of your good or service.

Why is it important?

When a good or service is commonly or regularly procured by the university, Procurement Services has established various opportunities to support staff and faculty in accessing the most beneficial purchasing option. Benefits of purchasing from these vendors may include a faster procurement process and the most advantageous combination of: quality and range of products; level of customer service; delivery terms; and potential cost savings.

Where do I find more information?

For more information, visit Procurement Services’ Approved Vendors and Standing Offers site, or email ProcurementServices@carleton.ca.