1. Vendors of Record and Convenience Vendors
  2. Commodity Based Standing Offers

When a good or service is commonly or regularly procured by the University, Procurement Services has established various opportunities to support staff and faculty in accessing the most beneficial purchasing option. Benefits of purchasing from these vendors may include a faster procurement process and the most advantageous combination of: quality and range of products; level of customer service; delivery terms; and potential cost savings.

Procuring goods or services through a agreement, Standing Offer, or Qualified Supplier List satisfies the requirements of the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act (BOBIA) as a listed exemption.

While the benefits may be similar, there are important differences in the processes that allow you to complete your purchase. We are here to help – don’t hesitate to email the specified Procurement Services contact with any questions about your purchase!

eShop Symbol Symbol Indicates
Catalogue vendor symbol Vendor is enabled in eShop with a catalogue you can shop in.
Vendor of Record symbol Vendor of Record
Ontario Business Symbol Ontario Business, as defined by the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act (BOBIA)

Vendors of Record and Convenience Vendors

Commodity Based Standing Offers

We are participating in the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative with the federal government, and the standing offers are listed below by commodity. For more information on the standing offers that are in place, please get in touch with ProcurementServices@carleton.ca.

Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters

All Terrain Vehicles

Audio Visual Equipment


Commercial Tires

Compressed Gases

Electrical Vehicular Lights & Fixtures

Fire Safety and Rescue Equipment

Flood Barrier Products & Systems

Gasoline Reciprocating Engines

Guard Services

Hand Tools

Hybrid Conversion Kits

Laboratory Water & Soil Testing

Meteorological Instruments

Office Paper

Packaging Materials

Portable Generators

Portable Remote Controlled Boats

Propane (Chemicals & Chem Products)

Pursuit Tires

Safety Eyewear

Security Hardware

Shipping Containers


Utility Terrain Vehicles