1. What is the CUrb?
  2. Guidelines
  3. Procedures
    1. How to list an item on the CUrb
    2. How to purchase an item from the CUrb
  4. Terms and Conditions

What is the CUrb?

The CUrb (Carleton University Reuse Base) is the university’s surplus sales program where Carleton-owned goods that may no longer have any useful value to the department can be resold to other departments on campus or to parties external to the university. The CUrb provides a convenient service for departments to sell and purchase surplus office furniture, electronics, scientific equipment, and many other items while reducing any negative impacts on our environment. All members of the Carleton community, both internally and externally, are encouraged to improve Carleton’s environmental footprint by purchasing reusable goods whenever possible.


  • Consult with staff and faculty within your department, as well as the Department Head, to determine whether the good can be reused internally.
  • Determine the current value of the item by conducting online research (used goods sites) using fair market value tools such as Gadget Value, Gadget Salvation or medCPU;
  • For scientific equipment or regulated items, follow the EH&S Lab Safety procedures to decommission the equipment.
  • Determine whether you need to consider data protection procedures (e.g., data wipe). Please contact ITS Hardware Services if required;
  • Items valued over $1,000 may require further review by Procurement Services and may be listed for sale through govdeals.ca.


How to list an item on the CUrb

  • Complete the CUrb submission form by clicking on the Post an Item button. Please make sure to include a picture of the item as an attachment with the submission;
  • Once the Department Head has given their approval, the submission will be evaluated by Procurement Services to confirm the form has been completed in full, and to ensure the item is eligible to be listed on the CUrb;
  • The item will be placed on the CUrb and the submitter will be notified once the item has been posted;
  • Subject to internal constraints, Procurement Services will coordinate with FMP to have the item picked up and placed into storage until the item is sold;
  • Once the item has been sold, Procurement Services will notify the seller to coordinate the transfer of goods and payment.

How to purchase an item from the CUrb

  • Browse the surplus items featured on the CUrb Showcase;
  • Click on the Get Now button beneath the item you would like to purchase;
  • Complete the Intent to Purchase Form with the required information and click submit;
  • Once the purchase has been approved, you will be contacted by Procurement Services to coordinate the transfer of goods and payment.

Terms and Conditions

  • The CUrb can only be used for the purpose of selling property owned by Carleton University that has been purchased using departmental or research funds. Employees who wish to sell personal items can do so by visiting the Carleton University Employee Marketplace;
  • Before purchasing any item, you must read the Terms and Conditions for the CUrb, which includes, but are not limited to the following:
    • All items are purchased as-is. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the item’s condition in person prior to purchasing the item
    • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pick up and transport the item;
    • The university does not assume any liability arising out of the use or operation of any item purchased through the CUrb;
    • The purchaser is responsible to pay the applicable sales taxes and any other applicable government fees or levies on the sale of the Item(s).
  • If applicable, all electronics must be wiped of any data prior to the item being sold;
  • The disposal of scientific/lab equipment or property that may contain any hazardous materials must follow protocols outlined by Environmental Health & Safety;
  • For questions on payment options, please email Procurement Services for additional information
  • Procurement Services recognizes that storing surplus items within your office during the advertising period may pose challenges. If necessary, please contact us to discuss storage options that may be available.