As part of our holistic strategy and action plan to meet the enacted accessibility standards in postsecondary education, the university has established an Accessible Procurement Advisory Group (APAG).  The purpose of this group is to provide support for Procurement Services and campus stakeholders “to consider accessibility, where possible” in the course of their purchasing activities.

The mandate of the APAG is to provide advice and perspective, to connect with other knowledge holders (when applicable), and to create awareness around accessible procurement practices and policies. Practically speaking, this means they help Procurement Services by reviewing and making recommendations with respect to community resources, policies, and communications, as well as discussing and evaluating accessibility requirements and criteria in public procurement documents. It also means sharing knowledge and ideas on how we can advance accessible procurement, together.

APAG is engaged by Procurement Services during the course of completing a Request for Proposal (RFP) or similar public procurement process.

Accessible Procurement Advisory Group Members

Manager, Access to Information and Privacy

Assistant Director, Digital Learning

Director, Paul Menton Centre

Director, Strategic Procurement & Financial Information Systems

Director, Student Affairs and Student Life

Administrative Officer, Procurement Services

Accessibility Advisor, Accessibility Institute

Manager, IT Strategic Initiatives