When making a purchase with your Corporate Card, you must apply the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act’s (BOBIA’s) requirements to give preference to (an) Ontario Business(es) . This is in addition to the Non-competitive and Invitational Competitive Procurement requirements. HINT: all on-campus vendors satisfy BOBIA.

Carleton University's Procurement Card The Procurement Card (Pcard) can be used for University related off-campus purchases where the good or service (excluding travel and hospitality) is not available on eShop, is less than $10,000 and where it is efficient and economical to do so.
Carleton University's eCard The eCard can be used for University related on-campus purchases at participating locations such as Dining Services locations, the Bookstore, ITS Hardware Services, Parking Services, and Science Stores, and where the good or service is less than $1,500 including tax.
Carleton University's American Express card The American Express (AMEX) travel card can be used for the booking and payment of travel related expenses. Unlike the Pcard, this card is to be paid in full upon receipt of the monthly statement by the cardholder. The travel expenses incurred by the traveler should be claimed through the online Travel and Expense Reimbursement System in order to be reimbursed in sufficient time to meet the payment due date.

Fraud Prevention

For the security of your card, please review the following document to learn card handling best practices and ways to help prevent fraud of your Procurement Card.

Preventing Card Fraud

Scotiabank enables Step-Up Authentication for Pcard