Eng Frosh

Welcome to EngFrosh!

EngFrosh is the Fall Orientation program for new students in Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Design, and Information Technology. The goal of this orientation program is to help you get adjusted to your new life at Carleton, meet your peers and classmates, and have a great time in the process.

About Engfrosh

EngFrosh is tailored towards students in the faculty of Engineering and Design, however it is open to students in all other faculties as well. Click here for a complete overview of all three of Carleton’s Fall Orientation programs. You can also visit the EngFrosh website for more information.


Partnering with EngFrosh is an excellent way to promote your company to a new generation of future leaders. Not only are you supporting a highly respected initiative in your community, you are also taking advantage of an opportunity to advertise to a large pool of potential customers. We are also open to in-kind sponsorship, and will value it at retail values.

If you are interested in sponsoring EngFrosh, you can email them directly.

Frequently Asked Questions