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Kirk Luther

Office:A539 Loeb Building
Website:Investigative Interviewing Research Lab


Kirk Luther is the Director of the Investigative Interviewing Research lab at Carleton University. Kirk received his PhD from Memorial University where he studied under the supervision of Dr. Brent Snook, Director of the Psychology and Law lab. Following his PhD, Kirk spent a few years as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Psychology at Lancaster University in the UK. During his time at Lancaster University, Kirk was also a member of Security Lancaster and CREST.

Kirk is current an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University and is a member of the Forensic Psychology Research Centre. He is also the current editor for Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice, the official journal for the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group, and on the Editorial Board for Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. He is also a founding member of the Cold Case Network – a group of academics and practitioners working on cold case related research.

Research Interests

Kirk’s research interests include safeguarding legal rights for adults and youth, and advancing research and practice on investigative interviewing. Specifically, his research works toward (1) developing a theoretical model of the cognitive, social, and language factors that moderate and mediate individual’s comprehension of complex information (i.e., legal rights), and (2) developing a theoretical model of the cognitive and social factors that promote information provision in investigative interviews.

Selected Publications

Snook, B., Fahmy, W., Fallon, L., Lively, C. J., Luther, K., Messiner, C. M., Barron, T., & House, J. C. (2020). Challenges of a “toolbox” approach to investigative interviewing: A critical analysis of the RCMP’s phased interview model. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 26, 261-273.

McCardle, M. I., Luther, K., & Snook, B. (2020). Examining the administration of youth interrogation rights: A field study of Canadian police practices. Youth Justice.

Eastwood, J. Snook, B., & Luther, K. (2019). Establishing the Most Effective Way to Deliver the Sketch Procedure to Enhance Interviewee Free Recall. Psychology, Crime and Law, 25, 482-493.

Eastwood, J., Snook, B., & Luther, K. (2018). Measuring the effectiveness of the sketch procedure for recalling details of a live interactive event. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 32, 747-754.

Luther, K. & Snook, B. (2016). Putting the Mr. Big technique back on trial: A re-examination of probative value and abuse of process through a scientific lens. Journal of Forensic Practice, 18, 131-142.