Photo of Abdulghader Aldaeef

Abdulghader Aldaeef

Geotechnical Engineer at Bonatti Canada Construction Inc

Degrees:PhD (Carleton)

PhD Research: Performance of pile foundations in permafrost

Abdulghader Aldaeef possess a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and now works as a postdoctoral fellow at Carleton University. He works on a research project funded by COSIA and NSERC for investigating short and long term dewatering and settling behaviors of Oil-sand tailings. Aldaeef research interests are broad and tackled different topics in GeoEngineering. His Ph.D. research evaluated the influence of permafrost degradation on strength and deformation of pile foundations in cold regions. His Master’s thesis investigated the hydraulic performance of the barrier system in landfills under various exposure conditions. Aldaeef received several prestigious awards for achievement in teaching and research. He has published more than 15 articles in different journals and international conferences.