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Ideas: Partner Interest Form

  • Please enter the name of your organization.
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  • Please provide the website of your organization, if you have one.
  • First and last name of the person who will be liaising with us on this project.
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  • Please provide the full name and email address of the project sponsor at your organization who wishes to move forward with this project. If you are the founder of your organization, feel free to put your own details here.
  • Please choose a maximum of three services.
  • Our student teams are able to build (and work on) proof-of-concept (POC) applications, but do not have the background required in compliance and security to produce something that is production-ready.
  • Please choose a maximum of 4 items
  • Please provide some bullet points on the ideal candidates on your team which could be used for recruitment purposes
  • For example, a clickable prototype might be used to attract potential funders of your product.
  • Note that specific criteria must be met to qualify for a pro-bono project. Please ensure to specify your operating budget subsequently if you are requesting a pro-bono project. All projects under $25,000 have approximately 350 student hours allocated to them in total per term, $25,000+ projects have a minimum of 1000 student hours.
  • I would like to request that our project be done pro-bono and am willing to support this request with further efforts.
  • Particularly if you are asking for a free or low-cost project, this information is helpful context for us.
  • If you have students in mind who you wish to work with for this project, please let us know.
  • To help our teams and clients track project progress in a central place, our team uses a variety of industry-standard digital collaboration tools, including GDrive, Slack, MS Teams, Basecamp, and others. Basecamp is the tool we use most with our clients. Please let us know if you need some help learning Basecamp and we will ensure you receive the support you need.
  • We require a 4-5 month lead time for all projects, for the recruitment, screening and hiring of our student teams. The more unique your project mandate is, the more time required to find your ideal team. If several options would work for you, please select all that work to increase your pool of skilled student candidates.
  • Please provide your ideal high-level project schedule for your project, including an initial period for business objective exploration/stakeholder consultation (minimum 3 weeks) with the team, in point form, taking into account the time period you have selected (eg. 4 months or 8 month). This should be a minimum of 5 bullet points.
  • Eg. Google search, referral by Harry, etc.