The Innovation Hub @ Carleton University

The Innovation Hub invites students from all faculties on campus to join a vibrant community where high-performance, thought-leadership, and entrepreneurial exploration is key. Launch a new venture or high impact initiative, create your own small business, start a new company, or simply learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship. Get inspired by industry experts, mentors, and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to supporting you on your way to your next big idea.

Every student at Carleton University deserves the opportunity to live their passion and build rewarding careers. Take advantage of the Hub’s ecosystem, test its integrated learning environments, and meet with dedicated coaches and mentors as you take your next step. Our community transforms visions and ideas into tangible solutions. Join us and see the impact we’re making.

The Hub plays a crucial role in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship on campus, building and supporting industry placements for students to work on interdisciplinary problem-solving teams, and connecting student-founders with resources and investors in the Ottawa entrepreneurship ecosystem that can help them to design, launch and scale their own businesses. Programs in the Hub focus primarily on experiential learning opportunities for students and student-founders especially those interested in starting or growing a new business venture or social innovation.

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