The Innovation Hub invites students from all faculties on campus to join a vibrant community where  high-performance, thought-leadership, and entrepreneurial exploration is key. Launch your own business, start a company, learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship, and get inspired by industry experts, mentors and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to supporting you on your way to the next big idea.

Every student at Carleton University deserves the opportunity to live their passion and create high-impact careers through personal development, professional opportunities, and dynamic programming. Join us and see what we do.

Through our engaging channels, integrated learning environments, and dedicated areas of coaching and mentorship, our community transforms visions and ideas into tangible solutions for communities around the world and in our backyard.

Our Priority Areas

Red robotic arms moving drinking glasses and entering on a computer screen in a white room.

Emerging Technologies

Black young man and a caucasion young women solving a problem together using a whiteboard and colourful post it notes.

Social Innovation (UN SDGs)

Progress flag representing BIPOC LGBTQ2S+

Inclusive Entrepreneurship