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Carleton University’s Innovation Hub provides budding entrepreneurs and student-founders the tools and resources they need to spark innovation and create new ventures. Located on the ground floor of the Nicol Building, the Hub is an open space for students to become inspired, make connections with like-minded peers, and advance their entrepreneurial ideas. Students from all faculties on campus are invited to join any of the Innovation Hub’s programs at a time that fits their schedules. In addition to developing their skills and business ideas, participants will receive a certificate upon completion and access to a host of resources and connections within the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ottawa.

Summer 2024

There is only one formal incubator program running during the summer 2024 term.  This Breakthrough Cohort of students will include group and individual coaching options for student founders and teams building their businesses during the summer.

Fall 2024

For the Fall 2024 semester, intake sessions for incubator programs start the week of Monday September 2 and formal sessions for all programs will start in the week of Monday September 9. Incubator programs will support students in one of three levels:

  • Learn about entrepreneurship through the Nest program as you prepare to join a formal program in the Hub
  • Hatch an idea in level 1 through the Hatch or Changemaker streams and prepare to start a new venture
  • Launch a new registered or incorporated venture in level 2
  • Breakthrough your challenges through individual and team coaching as you prepare to leave the Hub in level 3


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Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship


Changemaker purple graphic icon  Build a solution which addresses one of more of the UN SDG goals


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Move a theoretical idea into a tangible business


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Launch a new business


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Join a cohort-based group coaching program with fellow student-founders who have a registered or incorporated business


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Lead to Win supports TIM students and TIM alumni who desire to start new companies and grow them rapidly. Lead to Win provides a gated vetting system, an online learning environment, access to grant opportunities, and access to a supportive network of mentors and business people. The program has a pathway for everyone interested in innovation and growing companies. Get involved as a Student Entrepreneur, join the Board of Reviewers, or become part of the LTW Community.

Have more questions? Visit our Lead To Win FAQ page!