Student Staff Positions

Fall 2023 student staff positions are now closed. All successful candidates will be contacted by the Innovation Hub. Thank you to everyone who submitted their application. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Nicol Internships

The Nicol Entrepreneurial Institute oversees paid internships that provide students with the skills and experience they need to launch and grow their own companies. Carleton undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties are able to apply for these internships. They will promote and instill the highest spirit of entrepreneurialism at the university.

Carleton is honoured to partner with Bruce Nicol and the Nicol family to continue supporting student entrepreneurs and to develop new opportunities for learning and innovation. Visit our page and fill out the application form to be considered.

Lightbulb Moments Blog

The Lightbulb Moments blog shines light on some of our student founders and their “eureka!” moments – the exact moment when they first thought of their business idea! The Innovation Hub urges students across all faculties on campus to get involved and bring their bright ideas into the Hub by joining one of our programs!

Calling all past Innovation Hub program participants! Visit our page and fill out the form to connect with the Innovation Hub team and submit your application to be featured on the Lightbulb Moments page.