Fall 2024 registration is now open

Join a cohort | Explore problems through the lens of the UNSDGs | Build a community solution or new venture

Program Term: Fall & Winter | Schedule: Hybrid

The Changemaker program is an opportunity for Carleton students to make a difference by developing an innovative solution or venture after analyzing a problem through the lens of one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).  Changemaker offers a dynamic experiential learning environment which will give you the real-life tools and skills you need, and help you define what social innovation means to you.

Like the Hatch program, students start this 12 week incubator program exploring new ideas in the hope of making a new business venture a reality. What sets these ideas apart, is the focus on ensuring that the problems addressed and the solutions proposed and considered through the lens of the UNSDGs.

Use this option as an opportunity to launch or grow a venture which solves key problems that people need solved. Each program challenges students in new ways and pushes them to develop specific skillsets.

Visit the Hub and speak to our team to determine if this program is right for you.

Changemaker Registration Form - Fall 2024

  • The Changemaker program encourages students to develop solutions to problems through the lens of the UN SDG goals. Which of those goals resonate with you. Explain why.
  • How are you hoping to develop your skills and your solution through participation in the Changemaker program? Be as specific as possible.
  • Please list any Innovation Hub activities, events or programs you previously participated in.
  • Changemaker will take place Wednesday @3:00-5:00pm, please confirm if you will be available at that time.