Changemaker Winter 2024 | Registration is now open!

We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of Changemaker participants in the Winter 2024 term! Please fill out the registration form below to be considered for Changemaker Winter 2024.

Explore social innovation | Transform ideas into action | Build a community solution

Program Term: Fall & Winter | Program Timeline: Wednesdays from 3-5pm

The Changemaker program is an opportunity for Carleton students to make a difference by developing an innovative solution through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

What is Changemaker?

Do you want to stand in front of the world and prove your ideas are valuable? Changemaker offers a dynamic experiential learning environment which will give you the real-life tools and skills you need, and help you define what social innovation means to you. Sessions within the program are delivered by inspiring guest speakers from Carleton and Ottawa ecosystems. Some of the learning outcomes may include:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Knowledge

Why Join Changemaker?

In addition to the valuable learning experience, the connections you will make, and the support you will receive, students enrolled in an Innovation Hub program will also receive a certificate upon completion. Each program challenges students in new ways and pushes them to develop specific skillsets. There’s no limit for how many programs you can complete, and we encourage passionate individuals who are willing to work hard to join any program when they are ready. Visit the Hub and speak to our team to determine which program is right for you.

Timeline and Student Journey:

Consisting of 3 phases and spanning over the course of the late summer semester, our Changemaker program runs weekly and sessions are delivered in-person. This structure will allow for engaging discussions and ideas which will enhance the quality and diversity of solutions developed over the course of the semester.

The 3 phases of Changemaker:

Phase 1 = Self Awareness and Ideation

Phase 2 = Design Your Solution

Phase 3 = Refine Your Solution


  • The program is open to all Carleton University students
  • Build a diverse team OR work as an individual

Changemaker Registration Form - Winter 2024

  • The Changemaker program encourages students to develop solutions to problems through the lens of the UN SDG goals. Which of those goals resonate with you. Explain why.
  • How are you hoping to develop your skills and your solution through participation in the Changemaker program? Be as specific as possible.
  • Please list any Innovation Hub activities, events or programs you previously participated in.
  • Changemaker will take place Wednesday @3:00-5:00pm, please confirm if you will be available at that time.