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Launch Fall 2024 | Registration Open

Launch your business | Expand your customer base |

Prepare for growth

Program Term: Fall & Winter | Schedule: Hybrid

What is Launch?

The Launch program is open to all Carleton students who are seeking to launch or grow their own for-profit or non-profit ventures. This 10 week incubator program focuses on preparing new and existing ventures for rapid growth and impact.  Focus on the  tools and lessons needed to take their business to new heights, with support from dedicated coaches, mentors and industry specific experts to help guide young entrepreneurs. Launch offers funding for ventures that meet specified milestones over the course of the program and opportunities to pitch ideas and solutions to early-stage investors!

In addition to the valuable learning experience, the connections you will make, and the support you will receive, students enrolled in an Innovation Hub program will also receive a certificate upon completion. Each program challenges students in new ways and pushes them to develop specific skillsets. There’s no limit for how many programs you can complete, and we encourage passionate individuals who are willing to work hard to join any program when they are ready.  Visit the Hub and speak to our team to determine which program is right for you.

When does Launch take place?

Launch is delivered twice a year in the fall and winter terms. The next Launch program cohort begins in September and will span about 12 weeks.