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The TIM Program’s Business Accelerator

Lead to Win supports TIM students and TIM alumni who desire to start new companies and grow them rapidly. Lead to Win provides a gated vetting system, an online learning environment, access to grant opportunities, and access to a supportive network of mentors and business people. The program has a pathway for everyone interested in innovation and growing companies. Get involved as a Student Entrepreneur, join the Board of Reviewers, or become part of the LTW Community.

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Core Pillars

Lead To Win supports TIM students and alumni who desire to start and grow new companies by providing:

  • Learning Resources
  • Opportunity Reviews
  • Supportive Community

Benefits for Founders

Access the people, knowledge, connections, and funding that new companies need.

Learning Resources:

  • Increase knowledge
  • Develop scaling mindset
  • Access experience
  • Apply practical theory
Opportunity Reviews:

  • Learn by doing
  • Receive feedback
  • Shape opportunities
  • Earn seed capital
Supportive Community:

  • Tap into knowledge
  • Grow network
  • Access needed resources
  • Build advisory board

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