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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a fee to participate in Lead To Win? No, there is no fee to enroll in LTW.
Do we have to give up equity to be part of Lead To Win? No, there will be no claim to intellectual property or equity position by LTW or Carleton University.
Are there resources that help me learn about growing new companies? LTW offers online learning resources for founders to develop a stronger understanding of what new companies do to grow early and rapidly. The learning modules are housed in a learning management system accessible 24/7. Each module is designed to provide practical knowledge anchored by entrepreneurship research by academic and industry experts.
Who is eligible to participate in Lead to Win? Current TIM students and TIM alumni are eligible to apply.
I’m worried about people stealing my idea, will Lead To Win sign an NDA? It is the responsibility of the founder(s) to ensure that anything deemed too important to share publicly is kept confidential. If you would not tell your customers about it, don’t tell us. We will not sign NDAs as a matter of practice.
What are the Opportunity Reviews? LTW Opportunity Reviews are closed-door pitches participants make to members of the Board of Reviewers. The reviews are a vetting mechanism to ensure that our companies are progressing. Companies seek to pass both “gates” (G0 and G1) with a “Green” rating from the review board. A green rating is a signal to all stakeholders in our ecosystem that the company is on the right track and opens access to resources the team will need to grow their business.
Who are the members of the Board of Reviewers? LTW maintains a group of experienced business people, academics, proven entrepreneurs, and members of the business ecosystem who volunteer their time to serve as reviewers at LTW Opportunity Reviews. This unique group of people provide feedback to LTW founders and support green-rated companies in a variety of ways, including serving as advisors and mentors, making connections for the founders, and providing resources the teams need to accelerate their growth. The members hail from Ottawa, across Canada, and internationally.
Why do members of the Board of Reviewers volunteer their time to Lead To Win? The motivations of the different members of the Board of Reviewers varies, however, a consistent sentiment is the value of being part of the unique network of people who are on the board. Some members like to give back, some enjoy the learning experience and value of staying sharp, others have commercial expertise in certain areas and seek to develop relationships with up-and-coming startups that could benefit from working with their organizations in the future. We are thankful to all members of our Board of Reviewers and proud of the quality of the people we work with.
Will Lead To Win help us get customers? If we have potential leads that will help accelerate the customer acquisition process, be sure that we will do what we can to support! In the end, it is the responsibility of the top management team to develop the required competencies to acquire customers. Getting a green rating at the LTW Opportunity Reviews will be a signal to the LTW Community and members of the Board of Reviewers that your company is ready to start having conversations about customer acquisition.
Will Lead To Win help our company form a Board of Advisors? LTW helps our companies form advisory boards by connecting them to a pool of talent that they can approach and draw from. The LTW Community, which has local and global members, and the network that forms the Board of Reviewers are excellent sources for LTW companies to tap into. Best practices for forming a Board of Advisors are also provided.
What stage of growth is acceptable for entry into the accelerator? LTW supports new companies at all stages of growth. Whether it is an idea for an opportunity that needs to be vetted, a project being worked on at the university that can be spun out into a real company, or an existing company that needs to develop new capabilities to grow, LTW has the process, network, and learning content to support.
Is there funding accessible through Lead To Win? Yes! The Nicol Entrepreneurial Institute, named for donors Mary and Wes Nicol, offers Nicol internships to Carleton students of up to $8,000 per company. Typically, the Nicol Institute can support up to 17 companies per year. Students eligible for the internship award are founders of companies evaluated as a Gate 1 “green” at a LTW Opportunity Review, are full-time Carleton students, and have Canadian bank accounts. LTW will also support fundraising efforts by advanced companies that are ready to do so.
Under what terms does a company “exit” from the accelerator? There are 3 ways: graduate, withdraw, or be removed. Companies that graduate meet annual revenue performance metrics within a set time. They will be celebrated and awarded. A company that exits through removal has failed to meet the agreed upon performance or conduct expectations. Details are provided in the application process.