LTW uses a gated vetting system for opportunity proponents to advance through as they develop a venture and execute a plan to establish and grow a business. The gated vetting system provides a structure for those new to entrepreneurship to follow, and helps filter those who have the ideas, talent, and energy to create viable new companies from those who do not. By advancing through the vetting system, venture teams send a positive signal to the outside world
that the teams are ready to access connections and resources required to grow their company.


Venture teams that are advancing an opportunity through LTW qualify for one of three levels. The
higher the level earned, the greater the maturity the opportunity is judged to be. All venture teams are assigned to the Idea/Entry level upon admission and are expected to invest time and effort to level up quickly.


Each level in the vetting system is controlled by a gate. To qualify for a higher level, a venture team must meet the required criteria to pass the gate. A key assessment step is the LTW Opportunity Review.

Opportunity Reviews

Assessments of venture proposals (Ideas) are done at Opportunity Reviews where the venture teams pitch to a LTW Board of Reviewers. The Opportunity Reviews are held on a regular basis, follow a consistent process, and use standardized assessment criteria.

The Opportunity Reviews provide venture teams:

  • Substantive feedback on how to improve the opportunity’s quality.
  • Experience and skills pitching their opportunity.
  • Greater awareness of region’s business ecosystem.

For more information:

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