About IPIS

The Infrastructure Protection and International Security (IPIS) program brings together the core principles of critical infrastructure engineering and multi-hazard threat risk assessment with an awareness of the policy framework and options for protection of national critical infrastructure (NCI) systems.

The program combines the unique resources of the Faculty of Engineering and Design and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs to deliver to deliver a multi-disciplinary program designed to bridge current gaps between these two groups.

As one of a few of its kind, the IPIS Program three unique programs: a Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security, a Master of Engineering in Infrastructure Protection and International Security and a Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure and International Security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a unique and elite graduate program that attracts dedicated and motivated engineers and policy analysts who share the common interest in protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure. This vision requires excellence at all levels of the program, including the quality of academic offerings and the preservation of the integrity of the IPIS program at all times.

Our task is to ensure that safe, secure and sustainable critical infrastructure protection is the joint responsibility of public and private partnerships, and also to provide well-rounded training and education to our students. Our students are prepared to assess the state of critical infrastructure systems and to learn strategies to protect such systems from natural and man-made hazards. Our students develop mitigation strategies to minimize damage to critical infrastructure systems through engineering design and policy alternatives.