IPIS Graduate Diploma

Students enrolled in either the type 2 or 3 graduate diploma in IPIS are required to successfully complete 3.0 credits. Additional requirements may be stipulated, depending on the background of the individual student.

Unless otherwise specified with a [1.0] following the course number, courses carry a value of 0.5 credit. Please note that not all listings below are offered every year.

Graduate Diplomas in Infrastructure Protection and International Security (3.0 credits)
1.  1.5 credits in: 1.5
IPIS 5101 [0.5] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Issues and Strategies
IPIS 5105 [0.5] Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment
IPIS 5106 [0.5] Management of Critical Infrastructure
2.  1.5 credits in: 1.5
a) for students without a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering (or equivalent),
0.5 credit in:
IPIS 5103 [0.5] Infrastructure Engineering Principles
and 1.0 credits from electives
b) for students with a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering (or equivalent), 1.5 credits from electives:
IPIS 5104 [0.5] Terrorism and International Security
IPIS 5301 [0.5] Disarmament, Arms Control and Nonproliferation
IPIS 5302 [0.5] Contemporary International Security
IPIS 5303 [0.5] Intelligence and International Affairs
IPIS 5304 [0.5] Intelligence and National Security
IPIS 5305 [0.5] National Security Policy and Law
IPIS 5320 [0.5] Topics in Infrastructure Security Policy
IPIS 5501 [0.5] Transportation and Aviation Security
IPIS 5504 [0.5] Fundamentals of Fire Safety
IPIS 5505 [0.5] Natural Hazards in Canada: Risk and Impact
IPIS 5507 [0.5] Blast-load Effects on Structures
IPIS 5508 [0.5] Introduction to Explosives and Explosion Effects as they relate to Infrastructure and its Components
IPIS 5520 [0.5] Selected Topics in Engineering of Critical Infrastructure

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Total Credits: 3.0