Cybersecurity Collaborative Specialization (CS)

Carleton will launch the Cybersecurity CS in Fall 2023, under the co-leadership of IPIS
and the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA). This is an exciting
new initiative that will create a pan-University teaching collaborative network in
partnership with five departments, including IPIS, NPSIA, Systems and
Computer Engineering (SCE), School of Information Technology (SIT), and School of
Computer Science (SCS). The CS builds on Carleton’s internationally recognized
excellence in the many and diverse facets of cybersecurity. Working alongside professors
from across the disciplines and with private and public sector cybersecurity stakeholders
from across Canada, students participating in this specialization will grapple with
building stronger technological systems, processes, and platforms, and developing
international norms, laws, and standards for cyberspace, and better consider the nexus
between human rights, governance, security, and technology. Students completing the
Cybersecurity Collaborative Specialization will appreciate the science and the social
science of cybersecurity, blending multidisciplinary knowledge of technology and
engineering with law, governance, economics, and policymaking.

Please note,  as this is a new initiative, this option is only open to students entering first year in Fall 2023, it is not open to second year students.

IPIS has been reserved three individual slots in the Cyber CS. Joining the initiative will
entail completing 1.5 credits in designated cybersecurity courses over your degree
program, including CYBR 5000, a full year, 1.0 credit course, and one additional 0.5
credit cybersecurity elective offered by one of the five participating departments. In
essence, participating in the CS will mean IPIS students will have far fewer choices in
selecting traditional electives given the requirement to also complete three cyber-related
credits. For details see the IPIS calendar listings.

Students interested in participating should contact IPIS Director, Alex Wilner
( Available slots will be distributed on a first come basis.