Co-op Option

Full-time M.IPIS and M.Eng. IPIS students who have completed a minimum of three classes in each of their first two terms, including 1.5 credits in core compulsory courses, and IPIS 5002 or IPIS 5003 as required, may select a co-op option to start in their third term. Registration in subsequent co-op terms will require the successful completion of all core program requirements.

IPIS 5913 [0.0] Co-operative Work Term is in addition to the 5.0 credits required for the IPIS program – Two (2) co-op terms must be successfully completed before the student is eligible to receive a co-op designation on their academic transcript. For details on requirements and regulations, please see section 14.0 (Co-operative Education Policy) of the Graduate Calendar.

Work terms are four months in duration, and students who are successful in obtaining a placement can typically find work in either government or the private sector. Information and procedures can be obtained from the Carleton University Co-op Office.