Photo of Theresa White

Theresa White

Manager, Innovation Transfer, Contracts and Agreements

Degrees:Ph.D. (MIT)
Office:4200B ARISE

Dr. White brings over 25 years of experience in industrial and agricultural biotechnology, including Research, Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs to the IPS team.  Theresa has extensive experience and knowledge in: patent drafting and prosecution, research and licensing agreements, assessment of patent validity/infringement; regulations relating to GMO microbes and crops, seed treatments, fertilizers and renewable fuels standard; and research and development in biotechnology and chemical processing.   Theresa is ahighly respected researcher with numerous patents and publications,  and several successful research collaborations with government, academic and industrial partners.

Theresa’s current responsibilities include:

  • Evaluation, protection, and commercialization of Carleton Innovations
  • Negotiating intellectual property and financing agreements for strategic research partnerships
  • Intellectual Property Education and Awareness

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