Intellectual Property

Innovation Transfer

Industry and Partnership Services provides commercialization support for University Researchers and Students to monetize the intellectual property (IP) that they generate through their research programs. IPS provides support for IP protection, licensing, spin-off companies, and business development, while interacting with campus-based accelerators and the OVPRI to help research achieve their commercialization goals. Should an inventor wish to engage IPS for commercialization support, they will be required to complete and submit an intellectual property disclosure form. A multi-level review process will occur in order to determine the level of support that will be provided.

For more information, please  contact Theresa White.

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

Copyright and Moral Rights

Copyright can be extremely valuable for University researchers.  In Canada, authors who are University researchers are typically the first owner of the copyright in their work. Graduate students as the authors / creator of their theses, hold the copyright to their thesis.  Ownership of copyright is not affected by signing the Carleton license and the Library and Archives Canada license (which are non-exclusive).

The author’s moral rights is an important related consideration.  Moral rights include the author’s right to maintain the integrity of the work and the right to be cited as its author.  While an author’s moral rights in his/her work cannot be assigned, they can be waived in favour of another party.  Such waivers should be avoided by University researchers, particularly graduate students, as it may materially impact thesis requirements.


Unless otherwise agreed to, it is generally understood that ownership of inventions made by Carleton University researchers during the course of their investigations, is to be retained by the inventing researchers.

The formal agreement regarding ownership of inventions created by appointed Carleton University Faculty members is detailed in Article 14 of the  Carleton University Academic Staff Association Collective Agreement.