The Advisory Committee promotes the commercialization of research at Carleton University by assisting researchers to assess the value of their intellectual property and to navigate the complicated IP landscape in order to maximize this value. This committee provides advice to colleagues to support their efforts to protect their inventions and discoveries.


Rafik Goubran, Vice-President (Research and International)


Sandra Crocker, Associate Vice-President (Strategic Initiatives and Operations)

Chris Lannon, Director (Industry and Partnership Services)

Shoma Sinha, Assistant Director, Innovation and Partnerships

Theresa White, Manager (Industry and Partnership Services)

Faculty Representatives                 

Arts and Social Sciences:   Chris Herdman, Professor (Psychology)
Engineering and Design:    Hubert Jean-Ruel, Professor (Electronics)
Mojtaba Ahmadi, Professor (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Science:      Maria DeRosa, Professor (Chemistry)
Sprott School of Business:  Shaobo Ji, Professor (Information Systems), Associate Dean – Research and International (Sprott School of Business)
Public Affairs Maya Papineau, Professor (Economics)