In January 2022, the Province of Ontario issued its Commercialization Mandate Policy Framework, which seeks to improve the province’s intellectual property position by “improving commercialization outcomes and realizing the benefits of policy-funded research and innovation”.

The document at the link below outlines the initiatives, practices, and procedures that Carleton University is undertaking in each of the six elements identified in the Provincial Framework.

In July 2020, the Ontario Government released the province’s first Intellectual Property Action Plan. As part of its implementation, in January 2022 the Province of Ontario issued its Commercialization Mandate Policy Framework (“Framework”), which seeks to enhance the province’s intellectual property position by improving commercialization outcomes and realizing net benefits to Ontario of publicly-funded research. Pursuant to the Framework, the University is implementing a commercialization policy that maximizes commercialization opportunities, protects Ontario’s interests and strengthens the Ontario economy.

The purpose of this policy is to affirm Carleton’s longstanding commitment to support the protection and commercialization of intellectual property generated from its research programs; to provide guidance to its members on educational materials and resources available; and to foster commercialization of intellectual property in a way that provides a net benefit to Ontario.

Carleton Commercialization Framework and Policy

In the 2022 Commercialization Plan Carleton University reaffirms that it supports innovation transfer in all its dimensions and the commercialization of the concepts, processes and products emerging from research at the University. Innovation Transfer represents the movements of concepts, processes and products generated and developed at Carleton University to external communities including industry, government, and society at large. This transfer of technology is undertaken in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, publication of research results and concepts, conduct of seminars and conferences, commercialization, and various types of research arrangements.

Carleton’s industry-sponsored research has grown exponentially over the past 3 years, providing us with a portfolio of partners in research, innovation and commercialization. The University supports submissions to external funders for partial funding of intellectual property (eg: NSERC and OCI) and actively seeks domain expertise from external parties where there are knowledge gaps and partners to deliver educational programming on campus and remotely.