Carleton Leader has been developed with, by and for Carleton University in order to develop a leadership capability which can create and sustain positive work environments that embrace innovative and transformative practices such that Carleton University is at the forefront of excellence.

The design process to this point has adopted an appreciative and collaborative approach (i.e., using strengths-based methodologies) and has highlighted a series of aspects which indicate that the program needs to draw on the following principles:

  • Inclusivity – Carleton leaders believe that “we are at our best when we collaborate” and will develop leadership; individually, collectively and institutionally
  • Strengths-Based – Carleton leaders already have a wealth of talents, wisdom and energy and this program will build on and mobilize these capabilities
  • Excellence – Carleton leaders pride themselves on their ability to do great work and this program will enable leadership excellence at all levels
  • Outcome-Focused – Carleton leaders are committed to being a force for good in the world and this program will deliver tangible benefit