The Application/Nomination Process

1. Identifying Candidates

  • Faculty/Staff hear about the Carleton Leader and is interested in participating.
  • Manager/Supervisor identifies Carleton Leader as a development opportunity for their member of staff.

2. Confirmation of Interest

  • You and your manager/supervisor discuss the program and confirm that both parties feel it is something you are interested in and would benefit from

3. Determine Suitability of Stream

  • You and your manager/supervisor discuss which Stream would be most applicable for you at this time.

4. Complete Application

5. Evaluation Process

  • Applications are reviewed for the following:

Suitability of Candidate

Stream Selection

Construction of Cohort

A small committee made up of faculty and staff representatives will discuss all the candidates and consult with the departments where necessary. Every effort will be made to ensure each cohort is constructed with diversity.

 7. Follow Up

  • The Leadership Development Officer will continue to communicate with you and your manager/supervisor to provide necessary information regarding the logistics of your cohort (dates, locations, materials etc.)

Thank you to everyone who submits an application or nomination. Construction of the various cohort groups is continuously underway. Participants will be notified directly when they will begin their modules.

***Please note that all those interested will have an opportunity to participate, however dates and timelines for each cohort may take some time. If you have specific questions regarding your participation, please do not hesitate to contact us.