The Carleton Leader Community

The Carleton Leader Community will expand the many connections, relationships, and networks that are formed throughout all streams of the Carleton Leader Initiative and beyond. It provides the opportunity to discuss and deliberate the current and future challenges of the University as well as provide everyone with the opportunity for continued learning, development, and relationship building across campus. Most importantly it is a community of leaders irrespective of level and role in the University – building on the principle that we are better when we collaborate.

We held our first event in December 2014. We have engaged with all members of our Community and are always looking for new ways to connect, share, and discuss.

Carleton Leader Community Events

Action Learning
Individual members present a leadership challenge or problem they are facing and have their thinking provoked by the questions of fellow group members to help them generate some ideas they can take away and try out.

Our next session is happening Nov.10th, 2020Register Now

Book Club
Reading one leadership related book each term and connecting over lunch to discuss our thoughts, questions, insights, and takeaways.

Join us for our next Book Club Meeting this January: “How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority” by Clay Scroggins: Register Now

There is also the Bi-Weekly Edition: Online Book Club

Coffee Roulette
A simple but powerful way to bring people together and create new connections in the leader community. Sign up to be matched and meet with a new colleague over coffee.

Our next session will happen the first week in November. Please register by Oct. 31st

Pub Trivia
A casual environment to reconnect with friends across campus that you don’t always have the occasion to see, as well as the chance to meet some new faces. Plan to attend with your cohort, or form a team when you arrive. We’ll be quizzing you on your Carleton Trivia knowledge!

Leaderful Conversations
Leaders in our community will guide us through a lunch time discussion on a topic they are passionate about. Exposing us to new ideas, articles, and resources. Sharing knowledge and engaging in meaningful discussion in a small group environment.

We are currently working to schedule our next session. Please check back again soon!

Speed Networking
In a structured and high paced environment, reconnect with and meet new colleagues across campus. It is the opportunity to expand your leadership network even if you are pressed for time

Summer Camp Reconnect
The opportunity to re-engage in the material and conversations from Carleton Leader Modules. Take a deeper dive into topics you’ve visited in the past and re-commit to your continued leadership practice

If you have any ideas or would like to be involved in organizing Carleton Leader Community Events please let us know! Email us:

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