The Carleton Leader Community

The Carleton Leader Community will expand the many connections, relationships, and networks that are formed throughout all streams of the Carleton Leader initiative and beyond. It provides the opportunity to discuss and deliberate the current and future challenges of the University as well as provide everyone with the opportunity for continued learning, development, and relationship building across campus. Most importantly it is a community of leaders irrespective of level and role in the University – building on the principle that we are better when we collaborate.

We held our first event in December 2014. We have engaged with all members of our Community and are always looking for new ways to connect, share, and discuss.

Carleton Leader Community Events

Book Club
Reading leadership related books each term and connecting over lunch to discuss our thoughts, questions, insights, and takeaways.

Summer 2022

  1. “The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change without losing your Joy” by: Karen Walrond

To register and review reflection conversation times please visit: Online Book Club

The Carleton Leader Podcast
The Podcast allows all members of the Carleton community to engage with leadership development in a unique experience where they can consider their own potential and development opportunities outside formal workshops and face to face offerings. We’ll engage with and hear from others as they share their own insights and views of leadership and what the practice means to them:

Our Practice

We will have new opportunities for engaging within our management and leadership practice as the term and academic year evolve. Please stay tuned! Of course, if you have any ideas, feedback or would like to be involved in organizing Carleton Leader Community Events please let us know!

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