Carleton Leader recognizes that leadership exists throughout the university; at all levels, in all areas. Leadership is about influence and impact. It is about individual self-awareness, engaging others in the pursuit of excellence and fostering a collective sense of Carleton University’s vision and mission while recognizing the diverse ways in which people may contribute to a positive future for the university. Our leaders are in the classroom, and in the research labs. You can find them at the front counter or in the back office. They are on the sidelines, and the front lines; at the leading edge of discovery and the excellence of service. Some are at the beginning of their career while others are well along. Carleton leaders work for the greater good and are open to new ideas. They deal with reality; they share practices and resources; they influence and promote change; they focus on strengths; and they create sustainable and healthy work environments. They emphasize the “we” not “me”. They inspire and develop a sense of “us” that infuses Carleton with positive energy.

Carleton leaders influence their colleagues by focusing on individual and organizational opportunities; by exploring possibilities; by appreciating the power of the student experience and faculty/staff achievement within and beyond the Carleton community. Carleton Leader is premised on the view that we do best when we collaborate. The Carleton Leader builds on this strength by developing a shared sense of leadership through a community of collaborative leaders across the institution. Carleton Leader engages leaders and emerging leaders from Carleton’s academic and professional services groups in an interactive and reflective process. This design approach and the core philosophy of collaborative leadership practices is creating a community of leaders who will make a significant contribution to our organizational success – championing and advancing creative and innovative ways to achieve Carleton’s vision, mission, and aspirations.