As a team of global researchers and practitioners, LERRN is unified by a shared spirit of academic excellence and collaboration. We are committed to promoting protection and solutions with and for refugees. Bound by a unity of purpose, we strive to reshape the discourse and politics of the global refugee regime by enhancing the role of civil society in all stages of the development and functioning of the regime. Meet our partners here, and discover our partner organizations here.

With positions in the secretariat team, LERRN provides exciting opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and gain professional experience in project management, event planning and project communications. Meet our Secretariat Leads and staff here. Email us to learn more about how you can get involved in our project activities:

LERRN also has funding to finance collaborative research placements, undertaken by a graduate student from one of our partner Canadian universities (Carleton University, McGill University, University of Ottawa and York University) and a student selected by our Geographic Working Groups in Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and Tanzania. This research is an integral part of our combined effort to understand and enhance the role of civil society in responding to the needs of refugees in the Global South. Click here to read about our researchers, and click here to read their stories from the 2019 research placements.