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Abebaw Minaye



Dr. Minaye has a PhD in Social Work and Social Development. He is Associate Professor in Social Psychology. He is currently the Chair of the Forced Displacement and Migration Studies Center at the College of Education and Behavioral Studies at Addis Ababa University. His dissertation is on the Experiences of Ethiopian Trafficking Returnee Women from the Gulf States. He has 20 years of teaching experience in Psychology, Social Work, Research methods and Education. He has 24 journal articles published in peer reviewed journals of which 16 are (including one book chapter) focused on experiences of trafficking returnees, conceptualization of trafficking, attitude of migrants, mental health of migrants, behavioral outcome of left behind children owing to migration, predictors of cross-border migration and intervention strategies to reduce unsafe youth migration. He won the 2009 young scholars grant award of OSSREA and the 2016 Civil Society Scholarship Award of the Open Society Foundation. Abebaw has conducted over 20 consultancy studies for various organizations. He conducted an assessment of the situation of trafficking and smuggling in Ethiopia for IGAD. With colleagues he developed a five-year national plan of action to combat trafficking sponsored by IOM. He also developed a standard operation protocol for the operation of emergency migrant response centers for IOM. Abebaw has done scoping research on migration studies in Ethiopia. He participated with colleagues in impact evaluation of awareness and prevention programs in Ethiopia sponsored by ILO. Abebaw has also researched on the role of TVET and employment in the dynamics of youth migration for the Research Evidence Facility based in Kenya which works with London University, School of Oriental and African Studies. Abebaw also did researches on youth employment and migration for Save the Children International and on child labor for Woord en Daad, a Dutch based organization.

Dr. Minaye has developed two training manuals for potential migrants and returnees sponsored by Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat and Addis Ababa University. He also developed a Standard Operational Manual for Good Samaritan Association (GSA) and compiled a comprehensive curriculum material for training shelter staff at GSA supported by Strategic Initiative in the Horn of Africa (SIHA-Uganda). He also worked as principal investigator of two thematic research projects at Addis Ababa University; the first on managing the socio-cultural, health, legal and economic dimensions of migration from interdisciplinary perspective and the second on nexus among youth unsafe migration, quality of education and gender equity. He has extensive presentations on trafficking and migration on various international conferences (USA, South Korea, South Africa, Poland and Tanzania). He gave several trainings and presentations, for potential migrants, returnees, community members, policy makers, religious leaders and stakeholders organized by Consortium of Christian Relief Development Association (CCRDA), ILO, Geneva Global, Forum for Sustainable Child Empowerment, GSA, SIHA, Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat, Ethiopian Red Cross Society OPRIFS, AAU and others.

  • BED in Pedagogical Science, minor in English from the (then) Bahir Dar Teachers College, the present-day Bahir Dar University, 1997
  • MA in Educational Psychology (Measurement and Evaluation) from Addis Ababa University, 2003
  • PhD in Social Work and Social Development from Addis Ababa University, 2013


Dr Minaye est président du centre d’études de AAU sur les déplacements forcés et les migrations et Professeur adjoint de psychologie sociale. Il dirige deux études, le premier est avec « Save the Children International » sur l’Évaluation des besoins en matière de capacités organisationnelles, pour les parties prenantes travaillant sur les enfants migrants, rapatriés et réfugié.es, et le deuxième sur l’impact des services de réintégration pour les de la traite de personnes. Ses recherches portent sur la migration, la traite de personnes et la protection des enfants.

  • BED en sciences pédagogiques, avec mineure en anglais, de l’ancienne école normale de Bahir Dar, l’actuelle université de Bahir Dar, 1997.
  • Maîtrise en psychologie de l’éducation (mesure et évaluation), Université d’Addis-Abeba, 2003
  • Doctorat en travail social et développement social de l’université d’Addis-Abeba, 2013.