Photo of Foni Joyce Vuni

Foni Joyce Vuni

Research Associate, Global Refugee Youth Network Coordinator, Refugee-Led Research Hub

Foni is a refugee from South Sudan. Her parents fled the southern part of Sudan in 1991 because of the civil war – her father was a journalist fleeing the state and sought asylum in Kenya where she was born. Foni is part of the Tertiary Refugee Student Network (TRSN), a group advocating for a 15% increase of refugees intake at the Tertiary education level by 2030, and also a  member of the Refugee Education Council, that is working on Together for Learning campaign by Canada and as a council aims to ensure that solutions and approaches are shaped by the knowledge and experiences of youth advocates, women, teachers, parents and community leaders who are living as refugees, forcibly displaced persons or in communities that host them. Foni currently is the Global Refugee Youth Network coordinator and is also a Research Associate at the Refugee-Led Research Hub of the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University. Foni believes that it’s important to create platforms that allow refugee youth to transfer skills and support each other, but more importantly allow refugees to be part of discussion and decisions about them.