Our program now has TWO locations: main campus, and the new Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre. Please check your lecture or workshop’s location carefully as the parking options for each location (click the headings below) are quite different.


Are there designated parking spots for persons with disabilities near the main campus LinR classrooms?
Yes. There are a few parking spots designated for persons with disabilities in the semi-circular drop-off zone outside the tunnel entrance near the Leeds House building and in P17, immediately next to the Residence Commons building. A LinR parking permit is required for these spaces, as well as your valid Accessible Parking Permit (APP).

I received a parking ticket (on main campus) in error, how can I resolve this?
Please call the LinR office directly at 613-520-3699. We would be happy to advocate on your behalf with Parking Services.

See our general FAQ page for additional information about taking public transit to Carleton University.