The Learning in Retirement (LinR) program is pleased to announce virtual parking permits based on licence plate numbers. These virtual parking permits replace the need for participants to display physical parking permits on their dashboards.

Participants who wish to purchase a parking permit for their Learning in Retirement selections will need to provide their vehicle licence plate number during the registration process. Participants who are likely to use an alternate vehicle on some weeks should provide its plate number as well. The licence plate number(s) will be submitted to Parking Services and will function as the parking permit credential.

Participants will no longer receive or need a paper parking permit. Instead of looking for a paper permit, Carleton’s Parking Services staff will confirm each vehicle has a valid permit by looking up the plate number in their digital system.

Learning in Retirement parking permits for the Early Spring 2019 Session are valid for parking lot R6, and for the Late Spring 2019 Session are valid for parking garage P18 at Carleton University, both of which are close to the Leeds House, St. Patrick’s and Residence Commons Buildings.

Alternatively, if participants do not wish to purchase a parking permit in advance, they may park in the nearby P18 parking garage, and for each visit, purchase an hourly or daily parking pass from the pay-and-display machines there (see Carleton’s parking rates).


Learning in Retirement Spring 2019 MapA downloadable Spring 2019 Sessions map is also available for your convenience.

You may also wish to view a more general Carleton map.


Are there designated parking spots for persons with disabilities near the LinR classroom?
Yes. There are a few parking spots designated for persons with disabilities in the semi-circular drop-off zone outside the tunnel entrance near the Leeds House building and in P17, immediately next to the Residence Commons building. A LinR parking permit is required for these spaces, as well as your valid Accessible Parking Permit (APP).

I received a parking ticket in error, how can I resolve this?
Please call the LinR office directly at 613-520-3699. We would be happy to advocate on your behalf with Parking Services.

See our general FAQ page for additional information about taking public transit to Carleton University.