Photo of Karla Salgado-Navarrete

Karla Salgado-Navarrete

Policy Analyst; Alumni: M.A. Migration and Diaspora Studies

Degrees:M.A. Migration and Diaspora Studies (2023)

Biography: Karla currently works as a Policy Analyst for the Government of Canada in the Asylum Policy Branch. She is part of the Regional Engagement and Capacity Building Team, which focuses on Asylum Capacity Building practices and support platforms in the Americas region.

Research Summary and Selected Publications: Completed a Major Research Essay that focused on Exploring Anti-Immigration Sentiments within Mexican Migration Policies and News Outlets emerging from the Venezuelan Migration Crisis. Karla’s research utilized a Critical Race perspective, Discourse Analysis and an Anti-Imperial lens to analyze how changes in Mexican migration policies are interwoven with notions of colourism, socio-cultural practices, a long and complex history of colonization in the nation and continuous political pressures from the U.S in relation to migration flows.

How has Carleton’s Migration and Diaspora Studies Program helped them achieve their goals? 

  • “The MDS program allowed me to gain significant experience and exposure to migration related topics, networks and diverse ideologies from my peers, colleagues, and professors that have proved crucial in my current job and in shaping my own perspectives and understandings of contemporary migration internationally and domestically.” -Karla Salgado-Navarrete