Core Faculty with teaching and research interests in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Faculty Department Research Interests
Melanie Adrian Department of Law and Legal Studies
  • Intersections of multiculturalism, nationalism, religion and the law
James Casteel Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
  • memory and migration among post-Soviet diasporas in Germany
  • transnational approaches to modern and contemporary European history
  • diaspora history
Sarah CasteelSarah Casteel Department of English
  • postcolonial literature
  • Caribbean literature
  • Black-Jewish literary relations
  • Black Holocaust fiction
Kamari Clarke Bachelor of Global and International Studies
  • anthropology and law
  • secularism and religious transnationalism
  • international criminal court and tribunals
Audra Diptee Department of History
  • trans-Atlantic history of slavery and abolitionism
  • Caribbean and African Diaspora history
Christina Duff Department of French
Christina Gabriel Department of Political Science
  • politics of international labor migration
  • citizenship and migration
  • gender and politics
  • multiculturalism
Martin Geiger Department of Political Science

  • politics of borders and international migration management
  • international organizations and migration
  • global competition for STEM labor
  • European Union and migration
Malini Guha School for Studies in Art and Culture: Film Studies
  • women cinema
  • migration and spatiality in cinema
  • postcolonial and post-imperial modes of mobility, migration, displacement, and settlement in cinema
Amrita Hari Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies
  • global migrations
  • transnationalisms diasporic formations and citizenship
  • gendered division of labor and Indian hi-tech migration
Birgit Hopfener Department of Art History
Catherine Khordoc Department of French
  • Contemporary Québécois literature treating issues of personal and collective identity in relation to immigration
  • multiculturalism (or interculturalism)
  • exile and integration
Daniel McNeil Department of History
  • history of African and Black Diaspora
  • racism and sexuality
  • trans-Atlantic history
James MilnerJames Milner Department of Political Science
  • global refugee regimes
  • global refugee policy
  • politics of asylum in the global south
Luciara Nardon Sprott School of Business
  • international business
  • multiculturalism and the role of culture in management cross-cultural communication
Umut Özsu Department of Law and Legal Studies
  • international law and population transfers
  • international refugee law and human rights law
  • international law of decolonization
Jeff Sahadeo Department of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
  • history of Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus
  • history of migration from Central Asia to the Soviet Union
  • politics of race in the Soviet Union
  • post-Soviet diasporas
Daiva Stasiulis Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • sociology of international migration
  • issues of citizenship, race and gender
  • migrant women and domestic work
  • lived citizenship among the Lebanese diaspora
Ming Tiampo School for Studies in Art and Culture: Art History
  • transnational and global art history
  • transnational modernism in postwar Japan
  • art and decolonization in France
  • curatorial studies
Anne Trepanier School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies
  • Canadian identity politics and narratives
  • strategies for intercultural mediation,
  • French language, culture, and identity in North America
William Walters Department of Political Science
  • political sociology of migration, border studies, and citizenship