GreenPath Alberta Fugitive and Vented Emissions Inventory Study
Joshua Anhalt


The GreenPath Alberta Fugitive and Vented Emissions Inventory Study (GreenPath Study) which took place over two phases in August and November/December 2016 was commissioned by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) to gain a more refined data set of fugitive and vented emissions at small facilities located throughout Alberta, where a significant gap exists in data related to fugitive emissions and venting.  The GreenPath Study also included an inventory of equipment associated with methane leaks and vents.  A total of 395 distinct facilities with 676 oil and gas wells at those surface locations were inspected by qualified emission technologists and AER staff inspectors during August and November/December 2016.  The facilities surveyed during this study included a diverse set of facilities operated by 16 different oil and gas production companies in Alberta, ranging from established majors to mid-sized companies.  These companies account for roughly half of the natural gas production in Alberta and operate about half of the permitted natural gas wells and facilities in the province.  The participant companies also represent roughly one third of all light oil production.  The wells and facilities that were surveyed were selected using a specific methodology as to ensure an equitable mix of facility types and production types for the sample size.  Methods, observations and highlights from this public study will be summarized & presented.


GreenPath Energy Ltd. (2016) GreenPath 2016 Alberta Fugitive and Vented Emissions Inventory Study, GreenPath Energy Ltd., 2016.