Statistical Analysis of leak detection and repair in Canada
Stephanie Saunier


The Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy Division (OGAED) at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has asked Carbon Limits to analyse information from surveys of existing LDAR programs in order to design requirements that will reflect the best possible balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental outcomes.  Carbon Limits will present the result of the analysis of 4,378 LDAR surveys in North America. The analysis shed some light on a number of aspects of repeated LDAR, including:

  • How many leak points can be found during each survey?
  • What is the proportion of the repairs which can be performed immediately after the LDAR or need to be postponed to the next maintenance?
  • Super emitter: What is the proportion of super emitters? Where are the super emitters more likely to be identified?


S. Saunier, H. Darani (2017) Statistical analysis of leak detection and repair in Canada, Report to Environment & Climate Change Canada, Carbon Limits, Oslo, Norway, 2017.