Methane Emissions for Two Oil and Gas Regions of Alberta (video)
Prof. Matthew Johnson, Energy & Emissions Research Lab., Carleton University

Super-emitters at Canadian Production Sites: From Measurements to Mitigation (video)
Dr. Daniel Zavala-Araiza, Environmental Defense Fund

Large-scale measurement campaigns of fugitive and vented emissions in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan: Patterns, and Opportunities (video)
Prof. David Risk, Flux Lab, St. Francis Xavier University

Methane Emissions from Oil Sands Surface Mining Facilities and from the Canadian Bakken Oil Fields
Dr. Shao-Meng LiEnvironment & Climate Change Canada

Technoeconomics of Methane Mitigation at Oil Sites in Alberta: Implications for Achieving Reductions (video)
Dr. David Tyner, Energy & Emissions Research Lab., Carleton University

Quantifying Cost-effectiveness of Systematic Leak Detection and Repair Programs using Infrared Cameras (video)
Stephanie Saunier, Carbon Limits, Norway

Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring in British Columbia: Progress Energy’s Operational Perspective (video)
Julie Oxtoby, Progress Energy

Alberta Fugitive and Vented Emissions Inventory Study (video)
Joshua Anhalt, Greenpath Energy Ltd.

Comparison of Methane Regulations in Different Jurisdictions in North America (video)
Drew Nelson, Environmental Defense Fund

Capacity and Opportunity for Growth in the Methane Mitigation Sector (video)
Jackson Hegland, Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance