Fugitive Methane Emissions Monitoring in British Columbia: Progress Energy’s Operational Perspective
Julie Oxtoby


Progress Energy Canada is committed to reducing methane emissions associated with our operations and we have taken early and voluntary action to reduce emissions. As part of our iterative fugitive methane emissions monitoring program (FEMP), we have been using various methods to detect and repair equipment leaks for almost a decade. We have achieved a significant 54% reduction in fugitive and vented methane emissions from our legacy facilities in BC in 2016 when compared to a 2014 baseline. Our measured data shows annual comprehensive surveys at large natural gas facilities deliver material emissions reductions. Our data also show that increasing leak detection survey frequency is not cost-effective and results in only small incremental GHG emission reductions.  In light of proposed methane regulations, we will discuss and share our detailed reported greenhouse and methane data, learnings and recommendations based on our FEMP data.